Happy Mail!

There are few things more satisfying than receiving mail. 

One of them is sending mail!

Once again, everything is dropped off and ready to go! 🎉🥳🌟

You guys have no idea how excited I am for you! I can’t believe the first orders (from Etsy) are probably right around the corner now and I am DYING to see everyone’s reactions and all the shiny amazing things you’ll all be creating soon!!! 

Oh also my age is probably showing. Finally. 

I love sending mail and making packages. It’s like my not so secret guilty pleasure. It’s genuinely so fun!

This week I had a bit of a learning curve too. I finally realized, even more so with the tail end of the pandemic always lingering, that printing shipping labels and prepaying online would be easier and safer all around. 

I spent a bit of time learning different tools and ways to ship things out with the glory of the internet, most of it was actually spent making sure my packages had appropriate weight and size measurements so that I can write the proper things in the customs forms. Canadian orders obviously just need to pass the “mail slot of doom” test...🤣

Either way, I sincerely had no idea how much could be done from online and my home instead of the post office. I was finally falling behind on the times in something?! Is this how getting old starts?!!

Or maybe it was truly one of the simple things I enjoyed the most about mailing things out. 💕

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