It’s Back to School Season!

It’s time to get ready for another school semester!

The last days of August are upon us, and like many out there, I too am going back to another semester of school in college! (Any other computer science friends out there?! 🙋‍♀️)

There’s no better way to stay on top of things than nicely organized notes or at least an organized schedule, more so since classes have been transitioning to an online format and we’re all adjusting. 

So it’s time to get creative! 

From Monday August 24 through Sunday September 06, everything is 15% off to help you find all the creative tools you need to kick your semester off! The discount applies automatically at checkout on all items. 

Let’s make this school year a good one together! 

Plan together with Bun Bun and Galaxy Stickers!

This weeks store update features adorable bunny stickers featuring Bun Bun and her school favourites, as well as some galaxy themed dot and stripe stickers for notes, planners, journals, agendas and more!

Be sure to check them out, many other store updates are headed this way this week as we embrace creativity!

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