Making things easier for YOU!

We have a lot going on this week behind the scenes!

Scroll down to see a few of our plans >:)

Making shipping a little easier for everyone!

I totally understand it: shipping is quite honestly the bane of everyone's existence! There's so many options, the fees can be overwhelming, and sometimes you just want more options so that you can get your stuff to your mailbox really, really fast.

Modern tech has got us all covered! I've spent a fair amount of time making sure I had the most accurate weight for all my products (and the standard packaging I use of course) so that not only are your shipping rates EXTRA accurate at checkout, it's now easier than ever before to upgrade with tracking, or expedited options!

After all, my guilty pleasure is refreshing my tracking numbers for my own mail and then stalking the mail trucks, and I'm sure some of you feel the same~

I absolutely hate spam mail, but I also love updating you guys on everything!

Ever since the first time I used the internet (is this where I say "back in my day?") I have been captivated by the ease of access to information and updates on literally everything. It only makes sense that I would want to offer easy options for my fellow art friends as well!


Don't panic! Instagram updates with posts and videos and stories will always continue! I love sharing my creative process and ideas with everyone. But if you want to save your fingers from the task of hitting that refresh button, the newsletter is for you.

I promise not to be spammy (or I'll try!) and genuinely just want to keep everyone up to date on new colours, restocks, updates, sales and all that fun stuff. I also like checking in on everyone, and genuinely making sure my site is easy to use, or that you know I am here to answer any questions you might have.

(Don't worry, you can unsubscribe from it anytime and I won't feel sad about it!)

What kinds of updates should you expect from us in the future?

There are so many plans in the works and I am super excited to share them all with you! I kind of want to share them all now, but that might spoil the fun of the surprises ahead.

Here are a few updates you can expect in the future:

  • Updated and additional product photos!
    We want to be show you all the amazing ways our paint can shine while it strikes a pose for us on camera.
  • Product videos!
    We're so excited to be working on swatching videos and comparison videos so you can see the paint in action.
  • Tutorials and demos section!
    You might already be an artist or painter, or maybe it's a new medium for you. I aim to show a little bit of how the paint works, how I make it, and different ways that I use my own paint. Sharing inspiration brings me so much joy!!
  • New colours!
    That's right, I am already working on new colours! We can never truly go wrong with the classics, but I am far from afraid of colour and I plan to bring a wide variety of metallic shades to your brushes in the future.
  • Sales? SALES!
    This one might be self explanatory~
    Every now and then I'll try and add a new sale or coupon, to promote our current fan favourites, for holidays and events, and maybe even as a fun surprise to your inbox.

Let's paint the world in vibrant colours!

With so many colours and colour combinations to choose from, it's only natural to plan on making new colours in the near future! A popular question on Facebook and Instagram was if I planned to make more vibrant colours that stepped outside of the "traditional" metallic theme.

The answer is YES!

I don't want to give away the major surprise I have coming up, but in the meantime I did post a little something fun on Instagram. There's amazing things in the future~


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