Stickers and more!

It’s finally time for stickers!!!

I have been planning on making stickers for months now, calculating what was needed, cost, thinking up design ideas... and I am just so happy to be able to finally offer stickers in my store! 🎉
I plan on having both die cut and sticker sheets and will be offering matte stickers, laminated stickers, vellum stickers (semi transparent, kind of like with washi!) and eventually I want to do holographic and vinyl as well. 

I use stickers all the time, especially in my bullet journal, and I am more than thrilled to be able to share my favourite designs with everyone 

Small status update on the rainbow pre-orders:

Supplies arrived early and most of the paint is already close to being done drying! This means I will be able to start shipping out the pre-orders a little early, but don't worry, I plan to keep the pre-order bonus up until the 9th as promised 💖

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