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Our rainbow collection is finally available for pre-orders! I am so so excited to finally have it ready to confidently present my rainbow colours to the world and start ith some pre-orders. Launch was such an excellent experience and it broke my heart to realize things went so well that items sold out and people were left disappointed until the re-stock hit. That won't be a problem anymore, because not only will the pre-order ensure I know how much to be making, I will also be giving a little sparkly colour in the big sets purchased during the pre-order. The rainbow sets and colours will be on pre-order from today July 26, 2020 until August 9, 2020. They will ship...

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Happy Mail!

Once again, everything is dropped off and ready to go! 🎉🥳🌟 You guys have no idea how excited I am for you! I can’t believe the first orders (from Etsy) are probably right around the corner now and I am DYING to see everyone’s reactions and all the shiny amazing things you’ll all be creating soon!!! 

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