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Choose your own custom set!

We totally get it, As artists we love being able to pick and choose our own palettes and customize our sets. There are few things more satisfying than being able to say we have collected the perfect colours for our needs! We've made the solution for you! Now you can pick and choose colours from individual pans and make your own custom set! We have two coupon codes available, one for a set of 4 and one for a set of 8. This way you can make your own custom set and get the same price as the sets have have available! 4 set code: MINISET8 set code: CUSTOMSET Please note that these codes can not be combined, nor can you...

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New Colours Added to Store!

TAH DAH!!!While the restock on paint is busy doing its best work and drying at the speed of... well, paint that dries, I have a few new colours that I had been working on! 🤩 From top to bottom: Champagne Dreams Red Velvet Suddenly Silver Griffon Gold     Champagne Dreams adds more of a translucent shimmer effect and can be excellent as is or add a dreamy look when washed out a bit with water 💫 Red Velvet speaks for itself with its deep and luxurious tones❤️🥰 Suddenly Silver is the classic silver shade. It offers a more classic touch to a silver colour where as Mercury really SLAPS with that amazing shine. The two work great side by side!...

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